the curator.

I’ve always collected things. I’ve even read somewhere that it’s basic human nature to do so. Adulthood appears to be no exception to this rule.

So, I continue to hoard, and now I’ve created an arena (bringing formerly two blogs together into one) that will really showcase the things that grip my mind and make me pull my hair out.

All the old posts are still here, and FatFemmeFantasm posts have their own category. It will be a topic I continue to pursue, but not one that requires its own space, per se, as it has had it up until now.

And, so, for now, I leave you with my collection.


7 thoughts on “the curator.

  1. What a beautiful blog you have here. And the tagline encompasses my passions as well. Pop Culture, Ideas and Media.

    I hereby join the brood 😉


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