In Memoriam | David Bowie (1947-2016)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Legendary Musician and Artist David Bowie (born David Jones in London) has lost his battle with cancer at age 69. Read Yahoo!’s entire article here.

May you be peaceful and happy, wherever you are.

Though, he will always be Jareth, the Goblin King, from my childhood.  Here is one of my personal Bowie favorites: Let’s Dance.

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TV|The Big Bang Theory

Looking on to the show’s eighth season, I was surprised to read a headline claiming Jim Parsons may be leaving the show–especially within the same breath as his recent Emmy nod. (And a double-whammy for my Jim, because he’s also being nominated for his role in The Normal Heart (HB0).) However, it turns out that none of the cast has negotiated a contract for season 8, yet. Though, “Warner Bros. Television is confident the cast will have deals before season eight starts” according to The Hollywood Reporter article linked above.

Source: New Shoot Photo Gallery

UPDATE (as of 6 Aug 2014 5:13 AM CST): From Yahoo! News and Variety, the cast have finished negotiating their contracts and production has resumed!