Pop | Top 5 #Christmas Carols – #HappyHolidays

Happy Holidays to everyone out there on this fine Christmas Eve day. Season’s Greetings! May your holidays be warm and the wine flowing! In order to share the joy of the season with my lovely followers, I’m sharing my Top 5 Christmas Carols. These are the songs that get my heart racing and sometimes bring tears to my eyes. Christmas music isn’t always my favorite genre, but these five songs just spell out the reason for the season to me. Enjoy!

1) John Lennon – “So This Is Christmas” (1971)

(From BeatlesPlanet)

2) Band Aid – “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (1984)

(From PhoenixRising100)

3) Handel – Hallelujah Chorus

I have to say something about this song. I was a first soprano in high school, and I don’t remember a Christmas program that didn’t include this song. I had the option to choose a video created for this song featuring a professional choir, but there’s something about flash mobs that just choke me up!

(From Alphabet Photography)

4) Straight No Chaser – 12 Days (Original from 1998)

(From Randy of Straight No Chaser)

5) Celtic Woman – Carol of the Bells

(From PWestlake0114)



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