#HappyThanksgiving: With a Little Humor from Greg Proops!

When I first heard this little joke, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. And it happened each time I tried to re-listen and kept laughing through different bits. Now, I can sit through it all without laughing, almost. Though, if anyone were watching it with me, they might tell me to shut up for speaking along with Mr. Proops.

If you recognize Mr. Comedy, but can’t quite place him–he’s probably most recognizable from America’s version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

Greg Proops - Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Source: BuzzFeed

But a good friend and I came across this little bit of fun while perusing YouTube videos one day. In fact, this may have been the exact one we watched. It’s titled “America is England’s Fault.”

(From fantasy0coach)

With that little twisted history lesson, I bid you and yours a fond Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you aren’t stressing over the food or family–may the goodness of one negate the negative of the other! 🙂



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