Pop | Funny After Dark

Ah, I’ve really missed making this post every week. These next three comedians are ones I’ve always associated with the “after hours” kind of comedy that may not have been suitable for the “cocktail hour” crowd. This trio is snide, snarky, and sarcastic–and when they make you laugh how they do, could they be anything else?

Dave Attell, I knew him best from Insomniac, the late-night show where Attell would roam a selected city at night and interview/hang out with/get to know the citizens who flock toward the moonlight more than the sun. Staying up until the wee hours seemed more his style than waking up to them, and Dave’s humor (not to mention ideas for a good time) seemed to overlap with mine. He also had a comedy tour by the same name that featured Dane Cook, Greg Giraldo, and Sean Rouse.

(From Just For Laughs)

Sarah Silverman, I was always catching a Sarah Silverman gig on Comedy Central, and then she got her own show. Her sentiments and perspectives are so dry, so witty, and so feminist. She’s always seems to be saying the things that I’m thinking, and going for the lowest, dirtiest laugh. I think she does her best work on the Celebrity Roasts, though, and in stand-up. Here’s some of her work from a 2006 Comic Relief special.

(From Chris Everest)

Jeffrey Ross, This guy reminds me of a dirty version of a guy I used to know, but that isn’t what makes him funny. He’s smart, articulate, and pays attention. Don’t all the good comedians do that? Well, sure, but not like Jeffrey Ross. He tosses pop culture references, politics, and toilet humor all together, and I just have to watch whenever I see him show up on the screen. Which, lately, has been on the Celebrity Roasts–there just aren’t enough of those. Here’s his bit from the Charlie Sheen Comedy Central Roast. He leaves no space below the belt untouched.

(From Comedy Central Brasil)



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