Pop | An Anthems Challenge: Final Five

I recently followed Alfred’s Almanac here on WordPress, and one of the first posts I see from him in my email is #6 in his 10 Anthems Meme Challenge post [Though, I’ve linked to the final post here]. I love music, and I’ve had a lot of songs that seem to follow me throughout my life. Songs that always hit a spot when I hear them, that take me back to the moment when I first heard that song and what it meant to me. There have even been a couple songs where, the very first time I heard them, I was moved to tears, literally. Number 6 on this list is one of them. And there’s one song a part of this list that rattled my brain after hearing it on a commercial. When I first downloaded it, I probably listened to it a million times in a row–no lie, probably an exaggeration, but no lie!

I have taken Alfred’s advice and broken it up, but not as narrowly as he did posting one song per day. I started with my Top 5 a couple days ago, and am concluding it today [since I ran out of luck yesterday!]. This is no particular order, other than the order I remembered them in, which might say something for how important they are to me.

So, if you want to take part–just link back to this post (or the first one linked above) and start posting the 10 songs you love the most, which have had the most impact on you.

6) Eternal Flame – The Bangles

This song stood up and slapped me, right out of nowhere. I wasn’t even in kindergarten when I heard this song for the first time. I still own (but probably not for much longer) the stuffed teddy bear I was holding when I started to cry. Granted, I was around 4 or 5, but I was literally moved to tears when I first heard this song. There were a couple teenage girls living next door to the apartment my mom, baby sister and I were inhabiting. They had amazing taste in music. I’m still friends with one of them, and it is because of those girls that I have such a fond memory of Susanna Hoffs’ lead vocals.

(From thebanglesVEVO)

7) Constant Craving – k.d. lang

“Constant Craving” is probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Unrequited might have been another title for it, but within the lyrics, k.d. touches on desire and where it comes from, noting that it has always been–implying that it will always be. There will always be something we want, something we think we need, even if we can’t have it as soon as we want it. What do you do with that craving when you can’t quench it? The complementary video highlights k.d. singing solo and shots of vaudevillian entertainers cracking jokes and performing slapstick comedy. Is k.d.’s constant craving to entertain? Or is she reflecting on a human craving to seek acceptance from those around us–our captive audience? Play this in the background and think on it. Call it your mindful meditation for the day. 🙂

(From Warner Bros. Records)

8) Express Yourself – Madonna

This song has truly been an anthem of my life. In the lyrics, Madonna encourages women to not settle for whatever comes along romantically because he’s good in the sack or has lots of money. She also, inadvertently probably, tells women how important it is to communicate not only in the bedroom, but also in your life. If you want to be heard, if you want to pursue what you want out of life, you better speak the hell up! Express yourself, because “Girls, [if] you believe in love, [she’s] got something to sing about it…” She tells women love [and life] is in their control, if they just want to take it.

(From Warner Music Germany)

9) No Rain – Blind Melon

The lyrics to this song were the first words I ever heard and thought, “Wow, that sums up my depression; right there.” It was one of those moments when I felt someone had read my diary and put music to it. “Enrich my life away” pretty much sums (and summed up) how I spent my life, day in and day out, seeking information, believing that if I crammed enough information into my head I might finally feel useful, productive, wanted. Sometimes, I feel like I’m still looking for that garden of people dressed just like me.

(From emimusic)

10) Colors – April Smith and the Great Picture Show

This song was in the background on a paint commercial, or maybe a Woolbrite commercial talking about how bright and vibrant the colors in your clothing can be. Whatever. That isn’t even the point when it comes to this catchy little tune about dedication and true love–across an ocean’s distance. “I’ll wear your colors, my dear /til you’re standing right here / next to the one who adores you / whose heart is beating for you like a lighthouse / guide to shipwrecked sailors safely from the sea” is basically a mantra for my life. I’ll be here, waiting for you, until you come back home to me.

(From WNRN)


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