Mid-Term #Elections Tomorrow: Nov. 4!



Seriously, oh so seriously. Right now big changes are happening in this country, and you shouldn’t take a second to reconsider how important your vote will be tomorrow, two years from now, and even two years after that. If there’s anything I’ve learned about our country this year, it’s that the President only has power if Congress wants to give it to him. Republicans are throwing mud around here (funny, it just includes the lines “standing by Obama” or “supporting Obama” or even “cried when Obama was elected”) but all I can do is smile. Because I’m going to vote tomorrow and that is the way I can tell each and every one of those Republicans how I feel–when I vote Democrat.

And it isn’t even just to tell those Republicans that a woman shouldn’t be forced into getting pregnant just because she wants to have sex, or that I want to marry the woman I love whether they like it or not, or that it is the PEOPLE in this country (NOT THE CORPORATIONS) who count! No, it’s because I can think of all those women in the ’20s who stood up and fought for my right to vote before I was even born. It’s because I can think of all those men and women who fought in nations, where leaders did much more than take away voting rights, for my right to, at the very least, voice my opinion freely. It’s important that I exercise my civil duty and vote out the people who’ve forgotten what being American really means. Vote out the representatives who are no longer truly representing the ideals and the rights of the people.

Don’t just go and vote the party ticket. Don’t just go and vote for the incumbents (definitely don’t vote for incumbents!). Don’t just do what you’ve always done. Research the candidates. Make sure that your vote is really doing some work. No vote is wasted. No voice is a whisper in the reeds. Make your statement. Make your voice heard. It’s the one power people have in this country, and it’s bigger than you’ll ever know. Don’t forget how your state’s representatives treated you if you were on unemployment this year, and still need it! Don’t forget how your state’s representatives treated you if you granted equal marriage rights only to have them taken away the next week or even the next day. Don’t forget how your state’s representatives treated you if you were granted equal marriage rights, and still have them today.

People have power, it’s a matter of how and where you wield it. Don’t be frightened by the people who surround you. Don’t be scared that your voice won’t be heard. Even if the person you voted for doesn’t win (most especially so), go and find political groups that speak to your ideals and join them. Go out there and work for the things you want to see happen in this nation. You have the power. All it takes is a few moments of your day.

Find your polling place via Google, and make a pledge to vote via Tumblr.



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