Favorite Movies to Watch on Halloween Night

(From Jack Pumpkinking)

Now, you probably think this post is better suited for tomorrow night; don’t worry. I’m giving you a little bit of help toward really enjoying Halloween by not only telling you my favorite go-to flicks but also listing where they are available for picking up your Halloween get-together! I’ll provide a picture of the movie’s poster and the links to where it can either be streamed or rented for a small fee. Gotta share the horror love, right? I’m just doing my part. Enjoy!

Halloween and Halloween 2 (1978, 1981)

Clearly, these are go-to Halloween movies. Classic stalk and slash, featuring the always captivating Jamie Lee Curtis and her sibling nemesis: stone-cold Michael Myers.

Source: NiteHawkCinema.com
Source: NiteHawkCinema.com

This classic is not available at any of the “traditional” viewing outlets: Redbox or Netflix. Not even Blockbuster on Demand (which I just downloaded this morning) or the YouTube Horror Movie Channel. You might just have to go and check out your local video store if you don’t already own this horror classic! If you Google this little dilemma, there are some interesting results. However, be very careful when interacting with websites that you aren’t totally and wholly familiar with. Don’t get a virus on Michael’s behalf; although, he might find that a bit humorous (because in my world all horror villains have a dry sense of humor).


Source: NiteHawkCinema.com
Source: NiteHawkCinema.com

Now, this little beauty is available through the Netflix DVD option; though, it might be a little late in the game to snag this one for tomorrow night. But, I don’t know how long processing takes on that because I only pay for the streaming option.

Blockbuster on Demand has this little filly of a sequel for viewing, and all you have to do is sign up and download the app. You pay per movie (starting at $2.99) and registration is free. They do take your credit card information at sign-up, but they won’t charge you until you actually view a film. Again, I’ve just downloaded it this morning; so if you use it and there’s issues, come back here and let me know. Then, I can let the world know. Muah-ha-ha!

Hocus Pocus (1993)

This is not just a kid’s movie, although it is aimed at children. It has a host of talented stars: Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Omri Katz (Eerie, Indiana LOVE!), and young Thora Birch. Not to mention Mr. Sean Murray, who would grow into a well-liked NCIS agent one day! And, it explores a city’s history, contains a great ghost story, and puts witches in an oven–just classic story telling here.

Source: 365ThingsAustin.com
Source: 365ThingsAustin.com

Confusing as this may be, Redbox has a movie page for Hocus Pocus but no ways to secure it for renting or the elusive “ADD” button to place it on a wishlist for viewing “when this is at the box.” So, whether it is or isn’t there, I can’t say for sure.

It is available on Netflix through the DVD option, but not online streaming.

YouTube is here to save the day! Through their Movie Channel, they offer the full Hocus Pocus  experience for only $2.99! That’s not too bad.



Practical Magic (1998)

What a classic Halloween movie. It teaches us acceptance of others despite inherent differences, how to come together in times of crisis, the importance of family and love, and how to put your heart on the line and dream. Oh, and it’s about witches.

Source: MoviePoster.com
Source: MoviePoster.com

Seems as though, the farther you get from a year beginning with a 2, the harder it is to find streaming online options. Redbox is a no-go, doesn’t even have it available to rent “at the box.”

Netflix offers this beauty through the DVD option.

YouTube and Blockbuster on Demand (You’ll need to register before you can see the movie page; it’s only available through the app.) offer this for the low rental price of $2.99! Totally worth the money!




The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) 

I was 12 the first time I saw this movie, and I loved it from that instant on. It was hard to get on video, then, and I would go a year or two between viewings until about college or so, because I just. couldn’t. find. it. I’ve never been to a “live” performance, either, whether interactive movie screening or stage performance. It’s certainly on my bucket list; I just don’t know who I would dress as. So many colorful characters! And it’s those Frankenstein/Sci-Fi/Get-in-drag elements that make it perfect for any Halloween celebration, even just providing background noise. Though, how could it ever simply be background noise? I think Dr. Furter would be disappointed. Don’t miss the floor show!

Source: NaroCinema.com
Source: NaroCinema.com

As expected at this point, no Redbox options–though I cannot speak to how sad that makes me. Especially since I grew up longing to watch this movie over and over again (I still do, even though I own it!), and it isn’t instantly available to the masses for less than $2. Not that it’s cheap, never; but access to it should be! (Sorry, Mr. O’Brien.)

Netflix, of course, has this available via the DVD option, but no online streaming.

YouTube and Blockbuster on Demand, to the rescue again, offer it for your ultimate viewing pleasure at a devilishly low $2.99! Definitely worth every penny for the sheer entertainment value and decadent musical numbers. You’ll be humming “The Time Warp” all night, kind of like I do every day.


This list is not exhaustive, there are plenty of hours to fill on Halloween and plenty of horror movies to be watched. Between the links back to YouTube, Blockbuster on Demand, Netflix, and Redbox you are bound to find something entertaining for every member of your family, even if my suggestions here did absolutely nothing for you.





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