Favorite Horror Merchandise: Fright Rags

(From Projecticeman365)

I hope the mood music lasts the life of the read, or hit repeat. It’s what I would do.

So, I’ve spent the majority of my life as a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. I know I’ve mentioned this here before, and it probably won’t be the last time I mention it–because I wholeheartedly believe that people could trade stocks and run businesses in jeans if they wanted to, they just don’t. However, I think they should. What’s wrong with a little bit of comfort in the workplace, after all; but I digress… I’m telling you (again!) that I would live in a tee and jeans in order to introduce you to my favorite Halloween and horror merchandise web retailer: Fright Rags.

They bank on the tee-and-jeans crew who love horror movies, because their main fare is the silk-screened horror-representin’ t-shirt! [They also have girls’ tees, baseball tees, and zippered hoodie sweatshirts!]

Source: Found on Imgur
Source: Found on Imgur










These are just a sample of the good works this company is doing, and they are all available for pre-order right now! There is also the option of voting to resurrect old designs, from the Graveyard. So, if it’s a first-time visit for you, make sure you stop by the Graveyard and vote on the designs you never even got a chance to shop for! They send regular emails detailing their plans for future (and past!) designs, and they love to hear how their fans feel about their designs, often taking fan suggestions and ideas. I love that they’ve incorporated baseball tees and zippered sweatshirts.










They are willing to represent every age and genre within the horror realm, and the designs are bright, clear, and educated for being so dark and demented. Unfortunately, I have yet to purchase a t-shirt, but I love getting their regular emails and seeing all the beautiful items of attire that would fill my closet in a paradise of my own making. I would wear nothing but horror tees if I could–imagine that in an interview!–and I could be the happiest girl in the world. Because fashion was not made for me unless it features my favorite villains!

From the Graveyard
From the Graveyard
From the Graveyard


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