Favorite Horror Magazine: Rue Morgue

Feel free to play the mood music, and thank Tim Burton for putting it out there.

Ah, the week leading up to my favorite holiday of the entire year: Halloween. Spider webs, white-sheet ghosts, and gooey goblins all come out to spruce up the season and bring on the horror. This week I’ll be highlighting all my Halloween and Horror Movie favorites to lead up to the happiest day on Earth!

I grew up watching horror movies and generally loving everything scary; so, when I saw this crazy looking magazine cover from the rack in my local Kum & Go back in Iowa, I knew this magazine was going to be my favorite!

Rue Morgue Magazine May 2007 Issue 67
Rue Morgue Magazine May 2007 Issue 67

That was over seven years ago, and I’m still reading this deliciously devilish mag! Though I haven’t been able to afford a yearly subscription, (it’s published in Toronto and it’s a little out of my budget, especially after rate increases) the new digital subscription rate is much more within my budget. However, that means I wouldn’t have the shiny, glossy goodness right in my hands.

Since then, I have moved to southwest Missouri, and I can still get my Rue Morgue fix (Thank you, Books-a-Million!) whenever I’ve got $10 handy and can treat myself to it. The most recent issue I picked up was as a birthday present to myself, the September 2014 issue.

Rue Morgue September 2014 Issue 148
Rue Morgue September 2014 Issue 148

What I love about Rue Morgue is its complete fascination with the horror genre. It isn’t just the movies, TV shows, or film conventions. It’s music, video games, art, and re-issues. It’s one-stop shopping for the entire horror genre, from across the globe! They have great editorials that feature educated and well-rounded opinions toward what’s been around, what’s here, and what’s coming up. It is definitely worth the subscription price and cover price — no doubt about it! — but I can only swing it a couple times a year.

I have every issue I’ve ever purchased, which isn’t as amassed as it sounds, unfortunately; but I have a dream. And that dream includes a built-in wall of shelves that houses nothing but mint condition (if not well-read) copies of every issue ever published. If nothing else, it would look really cool and provide years of endless entertainment! If you love the horror genre, quirky and informed conversation, and a star-lined guide to Horror in Hollywood and across the globe, go pick up Rue Morgue today!


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