Pop | Symphony of Funny

Coming off of the hullabaloo that is Weird Al’s birthday, I thought I would celebrate this week’s dose of funny by honoring other musical stand-up acts.

Stephen Lynch, Don’t be fooled by his pretty voice and equally attractive face and clothing. This man has a very dirty mind and twisted sense of humor that he loves setting to acoustic guitar, which, for the record, he also plays quite prettily.  I first saw him on his Comedy Central special where he sang the classics “Special“, “Hermaphrodite“, and “Lullaby.” Here is the video from his live gig in El Ray, there’s also a CD available of this show. (From RipperBoySatanStyle)

Judy Tenuta, I came across a special of hers back in the late ’90s as part of a Special Blend montage on Comedy Central. After that, whenever a special of hers came up I watched it. She reminded me of Roseanne Barr with her brash humor and strained vocal chords, with a dash of Weird Al — playing that mini-accordion with timely stretches and discordant notes. She was loud, shiny, and hilarious! Glad to see she’s still kicking up laughs. She even has a book, Full Frontal Tenudity! Here’s video from her 1991 special “Worship Me, Pigs!” (From IWJAF’s Channel)

Tenacious D, Coming together under the most massive rock erection in the entire fucking galaxy, I present to you TENACIOUS D! [They paid me to say this.] Jack Black and Kyle Gass comprise the most epic rock comedy duo since, like, ever. And they will gladly rock you Dio-style busting mics and power sliding all the way across the club, right into your hearts. Jack and Kyle are not only funny, they’re fucking talented beyond imagination. They rock; they joke; but their gift to the world is dead serious — it did come from the devil after all. Here’s video from a 2007 Seattle concert. (From Layne Chavez)


2 thoughts on “Pop | Symphony of Funny

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