Pop | Happy Birthday, Weird Al Yankovic!!

Happy 54th Birthday, Weird Al!!!

Source: USA Today
Source: USA Today

To you, one of my earliest humor and music influences, I wish you the happiest, goofiest, and most relaxed of birthdays. I know you’ve been busy promoting that new album Mandatory Fun, and if that isn’t bringing you great joy — then do something that does! Anything, you know, like, shaving your eyebrows or flat-ironing your yards of nose hair. Those things are fun, right?! Right, buddy?! I read your horoscope today, and it turns out your past is gonna come back to haunt you… (dun, dun, DUN)

Source: DepositLyrics.com
Source: DepositLyrics.com

On cassette, this was one of the first albums I pilfered from my father’s collection and kept for my own. “Slime Creatures from Outer Space”, “One More Minute”, and “Dare to Be Stupid” are still some of my favorite tracks of all time. You have been such an influence to me, and a role model for individuality, creativity, and fun! Keep on keeping on, Al, and don’t worry, I’ll pay for Mandatory Fun when I pick it up — gotta keep you knee-deep in rhinestone-studded swimming pools.


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