Pop | “Lez” Be Funny

I love to make people laugh; the sound of unrestrained joy is something I could do just about anything to get, to hear. Because of my stage fright, I would probably consider myself a frustrated stand-up comic… I guess I’m more like an armchair comic, and it really only benefits the people who talk to me directly. Though, it never seems to work when I’m “trying” to be funny; setting up a joke usually makes me look like a chump. But when those one-liners come up all clandestine, taking me off-guard, then everyone is in for a show! Now, having said all of that, here are some lovely lesbians who make observational stand-up comedy look easy!

Julie Goldman, I first discovered her while browsing LOGO.com a couple years ago. I came across The Big Gay Sketch Show and was instantly smitten with the curly-haired brunette who apparently hadn’t been introduced to a hair brush. She’s physical, intelligent, and hilarious. Her timing is impeccable, and she always makes me double-over in laughter. From YouTube, here is a playlist of just a few of her highlights.

Tig Notaro, I had the delicious opportunity to see her live when she opened for Seth Meyers a couple years ago; it was a small gig for an even smaller venue within a student union on the University of Northern Iowa campus. I was toward the back of the room, no arena seating, and it was almost difficult to see and hear her. Once she stepped up to the mic, though, I was never going to forget her. When it isn’t the tone of her voice, her comedy is all wrapped up in her aptitude for observation and delivery. You can’t help but laugh, you just can’t. From YouTube, here’s a highlight reel of some of Tig’s best work.

Elvira Kurt, I discovered Elvira with the special I’ve linked to here from YouTube. It’s her Comedy Central Presents special. Her wit and sense of mother’s disappointment will keep you rolling across the floor. When she takes on her mother’s accent (and her guilt!), you won’t be able to control the laughter. These two videos are just the audio set to a static image of the comedian; so listen to them while you’re working–you won’t regret it. Well, only if your boss walks in! (From Paul Verheijen)




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