Pop | Dirty, Funny Friday

This Friday is Dirty, Funny Friday, and I’m featuring some of my most favorite, vulgar comedians. There are plenty of other vulgar comedians out there, but these are definitely my favorites. So, without much further ado, I’ll let the comedians speak for themselves.

Dane Cook has been making me laugh since the first time I saw his first special on Comedy Central. He’s faced his own accusations of plagiarism from Joe Rogan and Louis C.K. But that isn’t even the worst Cook has faced on his climb to fame. He’s acted in movies and has a new special, The Under Oath Tour. Here is the audio from the 2-disc album Retaliation (2005) my favorite batch of Cook stand-up. (From tvden1 and ActsAreMeantToFool)

Lisa Lampanelli, though likely unrecognizable today, is more known for her work on the Comedy Central’s Roasts of various celebrities. She’s vulgar, satirical of racism and homophobia, and willing to flaunt it. Admittedly loud and annoying, she’s isn’t stopping anytime soon. There’s too much to point fingers at to do so, and I can’t wait to see what else she says about life for ladies in the good ol’ USA. Here’s the video of Take It Like a Man (2005). (From Vegar Moen)

George Carlin is one of the classics. Hailing from the ’60s and taking all kinds of satire and logic along in his wake, no subject matter was taboo for him. I was lucky enough to see him live, and it’s indescribable the amount of laughter this man can produce when he really gets going. He’s political, articulate, thoughtful, and brash–not to mention his affection for nasty, nasty words you can’t say on television. Although, it’s funny to see what has become “mainstream” since this was filmed. Classic bit from a missed classic. (From tazredakteur)


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