Pop | Happy Birthday, Stephen King!

Happy 67th Birthday, Stephen King!

Source: DenOfGeek.us
Source: DenOfGeek.us

To a fellow Virgo, child of a single working mother, and compassionate worldly thinker I send you the best birthday wishes! Without your words, your campfire tales, I would have had a much sadder, more bleak childhood and adolescence. Your words were then and are now a comfort to me, whether I’m reading them in your latest novel, short story, or Tweet, they all feel like they started out in my head. There are an elite few I feel this connection to, and your words were the first.

The first adult book I ever read was IT; I was 12 years old, and I’ve read it about a hundred times since then. It’s still one of my favorites. “Survivor Type” from Skeleton Crew was chilling, and The Dark Tower series is a sprawling, compelling epic that I hold near and dear to my heart. You’re still holding us by the amygdala, and I hope you never let go.

You don’t want to consider yourself a rock star (though you’re in a band!!!), but in my little world, my little life, you are a global rock star filling stadiums and arenas every night! Thank you for listening to Tabitha and publishing Carrie. Thank you for keeping at the good fight and sending your words, your thoughts, and your ideas out into the world. You’re reaching people, making real, emotional and mental connections, and that makes you more of a rock star than simple fame or notoriety ever could.



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