Pop | Even Funnier Friday

So, last week in honor of my upcoming birthday celebration, I was posting pretty much whatever kept my boat afloat that day–whatever I was interested in looking at. Last Friday that happened to be stand-up comedy, and I soon realized that I would like to take it into a regular weekly posting. Let’s hope I can get you laughing by the time I’m ready to head back to my real life.

Since I gave you my favorite bit from Denis Leary before (which carries a screenwriting credit by this guy), let’s explore the satirical ball of sarcasm that is Bill Hicks. The video below is his 1992 show Relentless, and it was my introduction to the talent and personality that spurned angry comics for generations. Known as “one of the Outlaw comics” alongside Sam Kinison, Hicks is probably one of the most articulate, insightful, and pissed off comics I’ve ever heard of. (From princessdingling)

From Bill Hicks, I traverse into angry feminist territory by bringing you Roseanne Barr! Known more for her long-running sitcom Roseanne, she spent years tuning her skill by performing stand-up and claiming her status as Domestic Goddess–changing the tone of stand-up, TV comedy, and feminism forever. She’ll forever be one of my favorites. Posted by the man who helped with the lighting for Blonde & Bitchin’ (2006), here is just a segment of that show. (From JeffRavitz)

Since we’ve really covered some angry territory, let me end on a sunnier note. Jim Gaffigan can make me howl with laughter, just by changing the tone of his voice. When he speaks for the audience in response to something he’s said, I just lose my mind. I’ve seen a handful of his stand-up, and I can’t change the channel when I land on it. Pale, puffy, and perfect, Jim Gaffigan is always a good show to catch! Here’s his bit on McDonald’s from Mr. Universe (2012). (From jimgaffigan)



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