Pop | Funny Friday

To continue the birthday countdown–2 days and counting!–I’m posting videos featuring three of my favorite stand-up comedians. Stand-up is one of my favorite forms of entertainment, and the following comedians only scrape the surface of the company I keep.

Paula Poundstone is probably one of the most understated and quietly subversive comics I know. She’s truly one of my favorites and her jokes always make me think, “I wish I’d thought of that!” This bit from Comic Relief VI (1994) is slow in the first half and picks up toward the end. She’s so thoughtful and articulate. If you aren’t paying attention, the punchline could go sailing over your head. One of the best! (From jasonfreakinbang)

Denis Leary is the first I discovered of my “angry comics” brood. Without dropping names (because I think I want to keep doing Funny Friday posts, and they’ll show up!), he keeps solid company. This brand of stand-up has a special place in my heart. All of the best comics often lend themselves to angry rants or tirades, but there are those elite few who make us smile through their rage. No Cure for Cancer, in my opinion, is some of Leary’s best stand-up. (From smileyhxc)
[Note: I’m fully aware of the Bill-Hicks defense among Hicks fans toward Leary, and I get it; but let’s refrain from any hating in the comments. I love and totally respect Bill’s work, too; for who among us is angrier than he?]

 Whoopi Goldberg is a legend in her own time. Insightful, honest, and unapologetically brazen she is easily one of my favorite people. She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is or make you explain yourself. Working within a wide range of Hollywood and TV projects, she has definitely made her mark on pop culture and the American entertainment landscape. In short, I’m happy to have her! This bit is from the 1990 Whoopi Goldberg Presents Billy Connolly special. (From IWJAF’s Channel)

In closing, I want to thank everyone who stopped by and enjoyed my “Best from My Corner of the Blogosphere” post. It was something that I thought of in the moment, while perusing my reader, and there were a handful of posts I wanted to share. With the response that I got, I think I’ll be making that a weekly post. Sometimes it may have themes (think “photography” or “short stories”) and others may just be a random smattering like yesterday. In either case, thank you to everyone who stopped by and showed me some love! You made my day. 😀

Also, I think I’ll be doing a Funny Friday post every week, too. Watching the videos and reading about some of my favorite funny folks made for a great way to start the day, and end the week! What do you think?


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