So, This Birthday Phenomenon

Source: Corn and Co. Birthday Cake Popcorn Promo
Source: Corn and Co. Birthday Cake Popcorn Promo

Since I was up at 6:30 this morning baking a birthday cake for my lovely fianceé, I got to thinking about how the birthday phenomenon as we know it got started. I got most of my quickly compiled resources from Google searches and landed on three: one from The Huffington Post, another from Answers in Genesis, and the last from Triumph Prophetic Ministries.

So, in sum, birthdays used to be celebrations reserved for “the gods” or humans who picked up godly traits by being kings or other administrative royal beings. And because the earliest birthdays (think Egyptians and Greeks) were reserved for godly figures, early Christians were totally against celebrating birthdays for the common man–mainly for being born with original sin–though, the Romans didn’t have a problem picking up the habit for the common man. The Greeks gave us the circular cake–moon-shaped to honor Artemis–and put candles in to recreate the heavenly glow. Germans gave us the more contemporary birthday party situation in their Kinderfest, with candles for each year of life and a group gathering to celebrate. (On a side note, after the Romans started celebrating everyone’s birthday–it wasn’t until the 12th century when women’s birthdays were recognized.)

In The Bible, pagan kings, and pagan kings only [Herod Antipas and Pharaoh], are depicted as openly celebrating birthdays–but, as Triumph Prophetic Ministries goes into great detail about–it isn’t necessarily bad that Christian parents celebrate the day of birth. As long as praises are sent to He who created us and celebrations don’t “become” pagan by having “wrong connotations” and creating “the wrong atmosphere” which “imparts the wrong kind of influence.” More than likely being too materially excessive and forgetting the true source of celebration comes from God imparting the gift of life.

For us, it’s a chance to sit back, enjoy life, and celebrate finding our love in what can sometimes be a hopeless place. My birthday is exactly a week away, and I’ll be talking about astrology and being a Virgo in honor of that. If you’re celebrating a birthday this week, this month: Happy Birthday to you!



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