Music | Nick & Knight

So, my little boy-band loving heart is just exploding. When I was about 9, I was a big New Kids on the Block fan. Not that I could buy any of their merch, though I do recall having trading cards, I loved the music. Jordan Knight held my heart. About 5 years later, Nick Carter took his place, when the Backstreet Boys first graced my MTV screen. I had a brief love affair with *Nsync, but NKOTB and BSB were my favorites. Just an FYI–I also collected BSB trading cards.

So, with the announcement of this new duo, it’s kind of like my 9-year-old self and my 16-year-old self have become BFFs–kind of like Nick and Jordan. Watching them on Good Morning America made me realize how eerily similar they are: rambling, choreographed, and freaking adorable! I still love Nick and Jordan for their talent, and I can’t wait to hear the entire album.

Source: Nick & Knight Instagram
Source: Nick & Knight Instagram

The self-titled album was released on September 2, and is available everywhere. Find Nick & Knight on Facebook, Twitter, click the pic above for Instagram, and YouTube (where you can hear “Switch”, “Paper”, and “One More Time”).



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