Music | Dr. Demento

With “Weird Al” experiencing such great success after the release of Mandatory Fun, I thought it might be fun to go all the way back to the guy who gave young Al Yankovic a chance (and some air-time) on his novelty radio show–Dr. Demento!

Source: Laughing Squid May 2013 Post
Source: Laughing Squid May 2013 Post

I discovered Weird Al because my father owned the Dare to be Stupid cassette tape, and I practically wore it out to nothing. And because of my love for Weird Al, I discovered the good doctor. Late at night, on Sunday nights, an Iowa radio station out of Waterloo, ROCK 108, would air the Dr. Demento Show. I would stay up–long past bed time–to hear it. I found it while I was doing internet searches for the man who discovered one of my musical idols. My music taste has never been the same.

The link above takes you to his official web page, where you can hear current radio broadcasts and read current blog posts. You can find an official playlist archive (including year-end countdowns, local LA shows, and the syndicated shows) that has been compiled by the original radio show’s historian. Themed playlists can be found at and There was a successful Kickstarter fundraiser for funding a documentary following Dr. Demento’s life from birth in Minnesota to his rise to stardom: Under the Smogberry Trees.

I’m definitely glad to hear Dr. D is alive and rocking to some of the best comedy music out today, and ever.



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