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Even though it was a rerun (the Mother’s Day episode), I went ahead and sat back to watch yesterday’s episode of Katie because I hadn’t before. I was kind of glad I did…

In my professional life, I’m a freelance copy editor and proofreader. My entire life all I’ve ever wanted was to work in my pajamas and get paid to read books. While I’m doing it and it feels great, there’s something else I’ve always wanted to do. And I never did it because I never felt confident enough–that I knew enough or had enough resources–to pursue it: starting my own publishing company and literary magazine. Both would cater to the darker/non-mainstream literary genres like horror, thriller, mystery, true crime, etc. I have friends who have offered me help in this, and I know no man is an island…but I’ve always wanted to do it myself. Not necessarily all  by myself, but getting the groundwork laid out–I want to make sure this magazine is mine and not anyone else’s…But, I digress…


Watch Katie video: Why Do Women Lack Confidence?

One of the big things keeping me from doing that is confidence and my lack thereof. The two women Katie had on her show (well, back in May, of course) yesterday Claire Shipman and Katty Kay have written The Confidence Code explaining how (and why) women seem to have a lacking in confidence in comparison to their male counterparts. This doesn’t surprise me at all, and it’s the fact that boys are simply raised differently than girls; on top of the fact that women are wired to be more cautious, more careful (because of our nurturing and caring-for-others tendencies).

Watch Katie video: How To Boost Confidence




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