A Recurring Dream

Source: Sparky Malarky 6 June 2011 Post
Source: Sparky Malarky 6 June 2011 Post

So, I’ve been having this dream lately where I am some kind of spy–not some kind of spy (like Duchess over there) where I’m super awesome or taking down major terrorist rings–just a general, typical, collecting info and absconding with it kind of spy. Only, it is nearly impossible for me to ever abscond! Let me explain…

My first memory of these kinds of dreams is whether or not I get out or into the building successfully. These dreams seem to fit into two different kinds of experiences, either I am A) trying to break into the building, collect information, and then leave; or B) I have already broken in, I’m taking the data, and I never make it out of the building. More often than not they fall into the B category, but they are both equally unsettling.

The location always seems to be the same, though. An abandoned-looking warehouse kind of place. Sometimes it’s covered in cement, and I see it from a distance…

Source: Blogger Research Post for Creative Media

Other times, it might just look like a brick building looming against a darkening sky…

Source: PBS.org 'The Green Machine' Site
Source: PBS.org ‘The Green Machine’ Site

Okay, that sky isn’t darkening, but that building is almost exactly the same as one I’ve seen in one of these dreams. That’s right, even the building changes. The building I’m breaking into or out of is never the same, and the maze to maneuver to get out only ever seems to get worse.

Breaking in is never an issue, though, when the dream starts that way. I’m stealth, undetectable; and I have no problem breaking in, taking down potential threats, or even getting to the data itself. But when I finally get the package I’m seeking, that’s when the real frustration sets in. I’ve never been able to access the data I’m trying to steal, and that’s because once I have the data I can never exit the freaking building–darkening sky or not!

One other little note, though the building on the outside always looks different, the buildings on the inside always seem to look like this–minus the skylight of the missing roof…

Source: Blogger Post about Abandoned Scotland
Source: Blogger Post about Abandoned Scotland

I have to admit that loosely it’s kind of like a metaphor for my life. I do have a burning desire to know everything–and I don’t just mean the nature of everything or even the essence of everything, but everything. And, normally, I don’t have a problem getting to the information I seek; it’s just a matter of retaining and maintaining what I already know, what I recently learn, and what I will someday learn.

I’ve had a couple of different recurring, and a handful of very lucid, dreams over my life. I’m a passionate sleeper–there isn’t much else I’d rather do outside of read a book or watch a movie–and I have a very strong imagination, so my lucid dreaming isn’t going anywhere. And my other recurring dreams have faded over time, but this one is sticking–over a year now–and I just hope that one night I get to actually consume the data I’ve been sent to collect.



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