Don’t Let This Blog Title Fool Ya, But…

Have you ever heard the phrase:

Don’t let the [BLANK] fool you, but [he or she] is [doing something that doesn’t seem to fit with the [BLANK]].

For example, I was watching American Ninja Warrior on NBC, when a young, healthy looking man approached the gauntlet. Seen below in his ANW submission video (via YouTube), Stephens Nunnally took the entire maze in less than 2 minutes in last night’s Miami finals.

But before he even got a chance to start, the announcers opened to his bio video package with the sentence:

Don’t let the tool belt fool you, but Stephens Nunnally is going to prove that he’s wired for being the next American Ninja Warrior.

Or something to that effect… Anyway, my kind of mini, little rant about that phrase is that it can sound like just because someone has a tool belt around their waist they can’t be physically strong? Or…

Don’t let those tits fool you, but that woman sure can work hard.


Don’t let those balls fool you, but that man sure can raise a baby.

Granted, those are extreme examples of what I’m trying to display here, but I kind of felt like if I was Stephens Nunnally and I’d heard that intro I might have been a bit upset. Or, if I were an electrician who was a little out of shape.

Hey! Just because I carry a tool belt doesn’t mean I couldn’t win American Ninja Warrior!

In one ear, it sounds like we’re breaking stereotypes (of sorts… is there an electrician stereotype?), but in the other it sounds like we’re simply poking fun at them.

Also, it might have just been a lame introductory clause to set up an even more lame punchline predicate. Either way, don’t let my rolling eyes fool you, I’m really not disappointed with free, prime-time TV.




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