A Response to the Definitive Guide to Celebrity Feminism of 2013

Coming from Huffington Post, writer Lauren Duca compiled the best feminism moments of 2013. And while I totally agree with the moments she’s chosen, what bothers me the most is a woman’s hesitation to admit or claim the feminist label.

How can a woman in today’s world NOT be a feminist. Even if the word breaks down to being an ultra-militant, anti-male bitch. So what? Don’t men have it coming? For rape, abuse, and overall assumed authority over those which have no penis – don’t they deserve it? Just a little?

I’m a feminist. No hesitation; no qualms. Famous or Invisible. Rich or Poor. Alienated or Cheered on the shoulders of my feminist sisters. I’m a feminist, and there isn’t anything any group of anyone can do to change that about myself. Because feminism to me is about choices and being able to make them without my having tits and a vagina being the reason why I can’t.

Choices, Equality, Integrity, Respect, Acceptance. I don’t care if you’re a prostitute, a house wife, a CEO, or a twerking celebrity ingenue – as long as you MADE THE CHOICE to be that WILLINGLY, why would any one else give a shit otherwise?

Being forced to believe that you are “less than” or incapable of making your own decisions because you are a woman is WRONG. I don’t care if it’s women or men doing the forcing, the lying. And it is a lie, anyone – and I mean ANYONE – who tells you that you can’t, you aren’t, or you shouldn’t simply because you’re a woman is LYING to you.

Respect yourself, do what in your heart feels right, and just be good to people; and you aren’t doing anything wrong. Even if that includes a denim thong, sticking out your tongue, shaking your ass, raising children, being a loving wife, building a corporation from the ground up, or beating the crap out of some dude. If they respect you, you respect them – hands down.

That’s what feminism is all about.

Definitive Guide to Celebrity Feminism in 2013 | Huffington Post | Lauren Duca



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