Blind Leading the Blind

This all seems like a really bad case of the blind leading the blind. Politicians blind to anything other than getting elected, and voters blind to anything other than their own rights. Unfortunately, we have put ourselves in the corner of holding contemporary leaders to the expectations and ideals of a founding assembly that no longer function in today’s capitalist society.

Money and pandering are the bottom lines, begging for votes by crying, “I’m not as bad as THIS guy! Look, look at what THIS guy is/isn’t doing!”

Politicians lie. Blatantly, and then simply apologize. Blaming a slip of the tongue. They use empty, hollow statistics to turn voters’ heads, and even emptier promises to hold them in that direction. It’s not the politician’s fault, not really.

It’s ours.

Voters are opinionated and uneducated. Voting over things like looks and all those empty promises. We sit around watching The View and MSNBC thinking that’s enough. Holding out for that 30 second TV spot to gain “real political information” or—God forbid!—voting based on religious beliefs. Only the universal religious beliefs really count when it comes to governance anyway: no lying, cheating, stealing, or killing.

But that’s all politicians can do now, hoping to get everyone to vote by saying the right thing about key/popular “Hot-Button Topics.” We force leaders to resort to a soundbite. They have to get all their arguments out in one sentence—it’s all we retain the attention span for anyway—and it’s usually the flubbed sentences we hear about. We hear about the mistakes, the one-liners that will sell the most papers or get the most clicks on widely-read special-interest blogs.

Society, as it’s become, needs to crumble in order for some real change, real hope, and real reformation to occur.

And I don’t mean along the lines of a more Christian reformation. I mean a more HUMAN reformation. Corporations are not people, and people should not be governed based merely on the bottom line or the beliefs of a “majority.” Government should make sure people are safe, protected from the people or businesses who seek to take advantage, and assisting—in moderation—the people who cannot provide for themselves. People are what make up a nation, and caring for its people should be a government’s first and main priority. Of course, there will be people who try to take advantage, and those people should be punished. However, in a well-functioning society, people wouldn’t need to seek out opportunities to take advantage—they would be able to take care of themselves.

In the end, I truly believe people want to take care of themselves. But, by putting a focus on the bottom line or listening to mouthpieces with extreme views, The People feel ignored and oppressed.

Where did the concept of morale go? Whatever happened to doing things that made people take pride in America? Why can’t we get those things back?

Freedom, liberty, and equality.

In order to regain those things as citizens, we have to ask for more out of our leaders. Don’t vote for the lesser to two evils. Don’t strap yourself into “party politics.” Listen to the leaders, really listen to them. Question everything that comes out of their mouths. Everything! Do your homework, research, and educate yourself. Don’t just listen to TV spots, listen to the candidates. And not just when they’re talking out of the sides of their mouths, not just when they’re pandering. And they are. Because we make them.

We should be making them tell us what their opinions really are, as people, on everything. Not just gay rights. Not just abortions. Not just immigration. We should be holding our representatives and statesmen to higher, broader standards. Find out who the politicians running for office really are, and if you don’t like them—don’t vote for them. Make it a point to vote out the people who aren’t acting with America’s best interests at heart, The People’s best interests. We should be open-minded to politicians outside traditional party lines, listen to politicians who really care about America’s future and are invested in more than pandering and the bottom line.

If you want to be the only person living in this country for the next four years, vote with only yourself in mind. Though I can’t imagine a more bleak future, many of my fellow citizens will be voting that way in November. And I couldn’t be more sad for America.



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