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Thirty-six 24 Thirty-Six

Elle Says:

Ah, the classic turf war, Romeo and Juliet style. Except with the humor spin.  Bring It On meets  Step Up meets Twilight. (Sorry, Anna Kendrick, but that’s where everyone first noticed you, in the “classic” turf war over the supernatural superiority of a vampire/werewolf, over the hotly disputed, high-profile land of Forks, WA, over the brilliance and vivacity of Bella/Kristen Stewart (everyone reads that sarcasm, right?  Just wanted to be sure)).

I’m talking about Pitch Perfect, the new movie musical comedy about college a capella turf wars, which opens nationwide today.  It stars Anna Kendrick and features the lovely – and hilarious – Rebel Wilson. I’ve only seen the trailer, but what I’ve seen is a depiction of a plus size woman as the funny fat girl.  And aren’t we tired of that already?  Let’s delve in.

The Plastic: “What’s your name?”
Amy: “Fat Amy.”

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