You Gotta Love Yourself From Inside Out

Hello, I’m Miss Anne, and I would like to welcome you to Fat Femme Fantasm. I’m starting this blog in the hopes of promoting a body image that most seem to have a problem with these days: the “Fat” one. I even had a problem with it once, and not too long ago.

But I’m breaking out…Out of my shell, and I’m letting my Fat Shame go. Why don’t you?

Fat doesn’t mean lazy, stupid, dirty, or even ugly, or unattractive. Fat is just fat, and the sooner we can admit that is the sooner we can stop treating half the world like second-class citizens.

I’m not a Size 0, and I never will be. I’ve accepted that, slowly, but I have. However, that doesn’t mean I’m self-indulgent or constantly inhaling Ho-hos and Twinkies (which I find repulsive, by the way).

This blog is a place of love, pure love and acceptance, and the way to make it so is to enact the first rule at Miss Anne’s house:

No DIET talk here. None. Seriously, dieting is disordered eating. It’s restrictive and psychologically draining. I promote intuitive eating, which requires us to take responsibility for what we eat and what we don’t. Fat isn’t bad, food isn’t either. They just are. What’s good and bad is our reactions to them–that’s what needs to be changed.

There will be more rules and more fat to chew, but don’t worry–they will come well-proportioned and with enough servings for all!



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