Nasty, Dirty, Gross Cigarette…


I’m no advertising guru or even a marketing professional. I don’t even edit the copy in advertisements, but I do look at them. And they do impact what I buy, in some instances, and also work to keep me from certain products or activities.

I’ve learned not to play on power lines and that bald men with just one earring know  a lot more about cleaning than one might assume…

But now the FDA is proposing something zany, crazy, absolutely nuts that the Canadians have been doing for just about a decade now: putting disturbing images on cigarette labels to heighten our fear of the negative impact of tobacco.

And that lovely image is just the tip of this proverbial smoke stack my friends. Clicky-click on this link, and take a look at the other disturbing images the FDA wants to slap on your cancer sticks.

My question to the FDA is: So fucking what?

People know. Every single smoker on the planet knows what tobacco does to them. Is it possible the FDA and even Canada are trying to shame their smoking community? Because sending them outside every single building in the world with exception of private residences; pasting little signs on every window in every door of every building where a set of pure, untainted lungs may be walking by; and generally treating them like second-class citizens isn’t shame enough, right?


And yet people still smoke. They will always smoke until they don’t want to. But that’s just not good enough for the FDA or Canada.

But, MeliSwenk, smoking is bad for you and no one should do it around people who don’t want to breathe in that nasty, dirty, second-hand smoke.

Ok, granted, cigarette smoking is bad for you; and the second-hand smoke is bad for the aforementioned pure, untainted lungs–but if people want to kill themselves slowly, who are we to stop them? With movies like Hostel, Saw, and Snakes on a Plane, I don’t think pictures of smoking tracheotomy holes will slow sales of cigarettes. At all… Right, Sam?

Get these mother fuckin smokersoff this mother fucking plane!

Ehm, Mr. Jackson, sorry…

So, in order to keep people from killing themselves in other socially offensive ways will we start selling rope with pictures of people asphyxiated on them? Razor blades with pictures of bloody bath water on them? Or how about Ambien with pictures of Marilyn Monroe on them?

Of course, the photo the FDA chooses won’t nearly be as glamorous.



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