A video presentation of my flash fiction by the same name. All the images found here were collected by a Google image search. Windows Movie Maker was used in creating the movie itself.

Let’s pray this works.

**Edit (5/20/13)Video may not be supported by WordPress because I won’t cough up the dough. If you want to see my flash fiction come alive with song and image, let me know. I’ll share it with you outside WordPress.**

***I do not own Nirvana, the images of Kurt, Kris, or Dave should they appear in this movie. I am not attempting to make a profit from this, and will not seek compensation in any form at a later date. The song used therein “You Know You’re Right” appears on “The Black Album” is written by Kurt Cobain and was released in 2002 by Geffen Records. The production of this video was intended to be limited to this blog and a small scope of viewers, however any derivative works using the narrative in any part should be attributed to Melissa A. Swenka. Thanks, and enjoy!***



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