Themed Post…

I want your honest opinion here. I’ve had an idea or so for a themed daily/weekly/semi-regular post and I want your feedback.

“Retro-Crush of the day/week” – I would highlight an icon, individual from the past (early 90’s and decades preceding) who was uber talented or well-known for some kind of performance, parlor trick, or just being pretty. I would totally be open to suggestions from the audience and be inspired by TV shows, radio commentary, and persons mentioned in the periodicals I’ve been reading. Non-gender specific, I can and will have a crush on males or females at random. 😉

“Movie of the day/week” – I would select either a movie that was released on this day in “history” or just a movie I’d seen recently and talk about it’s effects on life, reflection on society, or why it’s just a good movie. Taking into consideration special FX, cinematography, or the story at hand. Again, I would be willing to take suggestions from audience as long as I’d seen the movie or had it accessible to me.

“Quote of the day/week” – A statement about life, living it, or just a statement. I would highlight it here. Maybe even some celebrity’s off-the-wall comment about being a celebrity or the state of politics. It could be viewed here with my own commentary about it. If I think it makes the speaker stupid or if I agree vehemently. Again, suggestions from the audience would be viewed.

These are what I’ve had on my mind. Let me know what you think. Should I just pick one? Should I try all three? Is there a themed blog you would like to read that isn’t out there? Novel of the day? Short story of the week? Drop me suggestions, and I’ll do my best to follow through.

Thanks for your consideration…



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