Not a Morning Person

I live with loud people. Anybody who knows me and my family can attest to that a million times over. And it isn’t a banging around the house, slamming doors, shoving chairs into tables kind of loud. Our voices carry, unless we make a concerted effort to be quiet, we speak rather loudly without even trying. While I was doing plays, that trick worked very well in my favor. While my sister greets people 5-10 feet away from her at the local grocery store, such a volume of voice is necessary. My mom will “say” hello to you from across the street and greet you with the biggest smile in creation.

Truly, I love these people with all my heart, but…

not at 6:50 in the god-damned morning when I have a 7 hour shift with a 3 month old and two younger children at a church function out of town. The 7 hour shift starts at 1. A normal person could maybe get a 30-45 minute nap between now and then. But, if you’ve learned anything so far, it’s that I’m not freakin’ normal! There will be no nap. I will be able to function, but I’m not sure I will be a happy camper about it. Maybe I will be ok once I’m not around the “talkers” in question.

With a very unfortunate circumstance, my bedroom is right beside the room where the dining room table is. My mom and sister wake up a good hour-and-a-half to two hours before I do on a fairly regular basis. It’s their voices I wake up to. Most days I’m only mildly irritated. Today, considering I woke up a couple of times last night and didn’t get the best night’s sleep, I’m deeply irritated. How hard can it fucking be to speak quietly, to NOT shout across the house to each other when it’s damned obvious someone is sleeping IN THE NEXT ROOM?!

Am I wrong here?

Wait until my sister comes back into the dining room. Don’t speak at full volume once she gets there. Hey, Sister, you don’t have to shout across the table to Mom about how some stupid-ass paparazzi is talking shit about how Miley Cyrus is out jogging or whatever that bullshit conversation you had at the top of your lungs was about.

Is it too much to ask???

Oh, sure, now they’re being quiet because I wasn’t exactly pleasant with them when I walked out of my room to use the bathroom and feed Midas, my fish. Of course!




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