Today’s Shenanigans!

So, as I’m eating my “Imagine Whirled Peace” Ben and Jerry’s pint o’ ice cream, today the plan of action for Mom, Allie, and I started with going to Iowa Falls. While in Iowa Falls, we planned on attending Wal-Mart (to buy myself a Singles Awareness Day gift), Dollar General (for Mom to do some general shopping), and the church thrift shop near Subway and Hy-Vee. Ackley-ites who take part in second-hand shopping will know what I’m talking about. So, we did just that. These are the gifts I bought myself:

I’ve been staring and drooling at that shelving unit since the beginning of the year. I LOVE it! My shelves aren’t exactly the same size as the link, but I did that to give you a better idea of the specs. It’s pretty f’in sweet! And Reservoir Dogs, well, shit, what kind of holiday would it truly be if you didn’t celebrate with a Tarantino film?! 😀

So, it was a great day spent with the fam – my true Valentines – and I got some neat shit to boot. Couldn’t have asked for a better day overall! 😉

Hope you had someone special to spend the day with, even if you weren’t knocking the boots at the end of it… or in the middle of it… or at the beginning of it. 😀



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