Is it a holiday?!

Hello, one and all! Let me just begin by stating:

Happy Singles Awareness Day! To all my single ladies (and gentlemen) out there! Who needs a stinking Valentine anyway?! Not me! 😀 😀 😀

Last night will forever go down in history as The Night We Should Have Seen Jeff Dunham: Or How to Appreciate the Road-Map and Never Fear Getting Lost.

We started out for Cedar Falls around 2:40pm. The Dunham show was slated to start at 8pm with the doors opening to the public around 7pm. I was hoping to get the tickets early, but the doors to the UNI-Dome weren’t open. We had already swung by the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center to check for ticket availability, but a performance (whodathunk?!) was going on right in the lobby. I didn’t want to walk through the ensemble, and from what I could see, the ticket booths weren’t open yet anyway.


So, we went to hang out at the mall, get something to eat somewhere around 5, and go back to the Dome at 6:30 pm or 7-ish to check on the tickets again. Alicea and I hung out at Hot Topic, B. Dalton, and Bath and Body Works. Around 5:15-ish, we decided to go out for supper. It didn’t have to be somewhere nice, but Applebee’s was sounding pretty good.


We get to the front doors of the College Square Mall, – the doors looking out at US Bank and Village Inn – and see nothing but a snow storm going on. It’s not coming down too hard, but we discuss – as we’re walking outside – whether or not we want to stay.

Me: “Allie, I know you and I both really want to see Mr. Dunham; but I would completely understand if you wanted to go home early.”

Al: “Yeah, I know. The snow isn’t that bad though…”

Me: “Yeah, but it will be worse if it doesn’t stop, like, 5 minutes from now.”

Al: “I didn’t know the snow was coming this early.”

Me: “Neither did I. Do you want to go home then?”

Al looks at me and I look at her. The snow is falling down all around us and I get a brilliant idea.

Me: “Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean we can’t see a show. There is a movie theatre in there.”

I jerk my thumb in the general direction of the altar of consumerism, and wait for the look of understanding to cross my sister’s dark and soft features. Two words are crossing my stream of conscious: PAUL BLART! One funny guy for another. Alicea and I want to see this movie, but we get to the listings and see that it’s already started. My eye lights on another title, apt to the date that we happen to be standing there, and it starts at 5:35!

Friday the 13th,” we say at the same time. Before we know it, we’re lining up to buy tickets. We agree on how to split the cost of snacks – Icees and Popcorn – and settle in to enjoy a rather nicely done remake of the 80s classic slasher flick.

Flash forward two hours later, the snow is still falling. But Alicea – a girl after my own heart at this moment – looks at me and says: “The snow isn’t that bad yet. Let’s go back to the mall and shop!” Since we’d spent considerably less than catching the Dunham show, we decided to blow a little lettuce frivolously. We did, it was fun!

The trip home was not so fun. We got lost, long story short, and it was all my fault. Compounded by the fact that Allie doesn’t have a map in her car – which has been fixed thanks to Reinbeck’s Pronto Mart! 😉 Further compounded by the fact that is was still. fucking. snowing! Right after we got past Grundy Center, on North 14 heading toward Parkersburg, it stopped snowing and we both sat back for an easy follow-through to this little joyride.

Allie says she had fun, and I certainly did! Lord knows I needed an adrenaline rush! It’s been a while. My mom doesn’t know we got lost. I even had a dream about being on a road trip and getting lost amongst a sea of familiar strangers…. That sounds like a good start to a great story…

I’ll fill you in on today’s shenanigans later, Babes!

Check this riff it’s fucking tasty! 😀



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