Can I just say how much I love dark roast coffee? Somehow I feel more human when I drink it…

So, I’ve started a new short story that was inspired by a job ad. I was waiting for such a thing to happen considering I spend so much friggin’ time looking at them! *pout* I’m excited about it, but I don’t know where my character is going to go or what she’s going to do. I’m sure she’ll let me know… I suppose anything could happen while you’re sitting behind the desk at a free clinic. 🙂

Babysitting is going well. Today I’m sitting during a church-related meeting. This further means that I will more than likely be heating a bottle in front of a group of random strangers. Who, somehow, forget that babies cry; and can’t manage to put two and two together quick enough to realize he’s crying because he’s hungry and that’s why I’m standing at the MICROWAVE in the KITCHEN with a fussy baby.

“Aww, why is the little man so angry???” *in the world’s most annoying let’s-talk-to-the-baby voice*
“Gee, maybe because he’s hungry!” *is the thought in my head*
“Just a little hungry, isn’t he?” *is the kind of lame-ass bullshit I have to say because it’s “professional”*

LAME, but I get to sit with the world’s most adorable 3 month old and let him hold my fingers and smile while I feed him. *sigh*

Have a great Thursday, World! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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