Musical Revelations

1) Barry White‘s voice is really cheesy; and if a potential mate were to try and seduce me while playing one of his songs I would probably just laugh.

2) Hall and Oats are musical geniuses. I don’t care what anyone says. Only genius can come up with “Your kiss is on My List” AND sing it with any kind of passion or, at the very least, a straight face.

3) The Bee Gees really do sound like women, but I enjoy listening to their music anyway. And who really looked like that in the 70s?! Everyone?!

4) Barry Manilow sold his soul to Satan. There is no way anyone really thinks this guy is talented. He is the reason subliminal messaging was created by the ad agencies.

5) Ronnie James Dio has the best fucking voice in all of metal. Hands down.

**Edit: 5/20/13: I still believe all of these things to be true. Though I may have been a bit harsh on the Barry’s…



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