You know what I hate…

small talk. I hate small talk more than anything else on the planet. I don’t mind schmoozing and if there is no difference please let me know. I hate when people, who know you in passing, insist on asking you lame questions about your life or telling you strange and random anecdotes about theirs. If you don’t have something of substance to say to me – don’t say anything at all. And just know that you will receive the same treatment from me.

I don’t have a problem with catching up or recapping the last bit of your life since the last time you saw a friend or very dear acquaintance. But random kindergarten teacher dispelling some snore-fest about antiquated bottle-heating techniques is just beyond my level of tolerance. Maybe it’s my time spent in larger cities, where people stick to themselves (even in a crowd) or maybe my dislike of random people in general. But I really, really, really detest small talk and the interest feigned in my responses…

FYI. 🙂


One thought on “You know what I hate…


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