New Stuff!

Hello all! Just wanted to drop a line about the photos I shot today. Uploaded them to deviantART if any of you are interested.

Spent most of the day with lil sis, hanging out, doing the browsing/shopping thing. That was pretty sweet. Got some more babysitting hours for this week. I really hope my boss will let me take two weeks off at the end of March so I can visit a dear friend of mine. 😀 😀 😀

Hm, there isn’t too much else – Oh! I’m revising another short story for Lulu. One that I’d written before and hadn’t revised. Boy, did it need it! 😉 This one is kinda personal, as I’m re-reading it I’ve discovered I wrote it kind of close to home. I’m questioning publishing it, but the artist will bleed for their work. Here I am, cutting deep… I’ll let you all know when it’s up.

Stay tuned: Same Swenkie time, Same Swenkie channel!!!



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