Pissy little update…

*Edit – I will soon find out how many sick bastards I have as friends… hehehe*

Good news first:

I completed another short story yesterday (if only because my Internet connection was shoddy at best all. freaking. day!) and I’ve uploaded it with two others to Lulu.com.

Sir Lawrence – about a plumber named Larry Pritchard, Jr. who begins having dreams he just can’t understand.

Ellis – is about a man named Ellis (really?!) who can’t understand why others don’t see what he sees.

In the Business – is a short-short about one who walks amongst us if only to conduct business without being noticed.

“Lawrence” is the longest story I’ve uploaded so far at a whopping 23 pages, and that’s why it costs a bit more than the other short stories. 😀 I’m sure you all won’t mind. But I’m gonna keep pumping them out whether you read them or not, but as a great writer once wrote: “It’s always better with you, Constant Reader. Always better with you.”

Now, the pissy part of this here update:

You know, the last time I checked, I spoke fucking English. Why is it that when I speak to people they don’t understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? Do I hear English in my head and another language comes out??? It’s extremely frustrating when I feel like I’ve explained something properly, the other person ACTS as though they understand, and then – the very next day – decides to question me on my actions. The ones I clearly (or so I thought) explained previously. DUH!!!!!!! Obviously, I’m not naming names… although it wouldn’t matter because no one reads this anyway… but I just might change that.



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