Winna, Winna…

Chicken Dinna!!!!

I got a pretty f’in cool email today. I won an Omega Red t-shirt and a $50 gift certificate to Omega Red for suggesting that Craig Laue at Cool 105.7 get a funny tattoo on his neck! 😀 😀 😀 I haven’t picked up my winnings yet, and I will update this post with the… da, da-da, da

Actual. Email. Conversation. With the original tattoo suggestion AND real-time DJ response.

Believe me, I know you’re stunned and the suspense is KILLING YOU!!! 😀

Stay tuned…

Same Swenkie Time, Same Swenkie Channel


Actual emails:

Me to Craig Laue:

“Dear Craig, You should get a tattoo of the bar code from the last can of beer you drank tattooed on the back of your neck! I *heart* tattoos!

With a smile,

Melissa Swenka”

Craig Laue to Me:

“HAHAHA… THAT would be funny……..congrats…you are my winner today…..I need an address to send your certificate…..thing is would need to pick up your t-shirt here at the station…..

Thanks Melissa :)”


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